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Chelmsford to be engulfed by huge motorways connecting the Channel Ports, via a new Lower Thames Crossing, A130, on to Stansted, M11 and A14. The new A130 at Boreham, Essex Regiment Way and north will damage Lt Waltham, Boreham, Barnston, Ford End, Chatham Green. Lt. Waltham Outer M25 Action Group were criticised for warning about this in mid 2006. It will happen - official Essex and Kent County Council October 2006. And with 16,000 new homes coming to Chelmsford? Join the debate!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Are you aware of Essex County Council’s proposals for:

A new Chelmsford to Braintree Motorway

A dual-carriageway bridge across the Chelmer Valley

A new Lower Thames Crossing?

Do you realise that 3 of the 4 possible A130 routings involve dualling the existing A130 / A131 including moving part of the Essex Regiment Way closer to the Village?

If you live in Barnston, Boreham, Chatham Green, Ford End, Lt. Waltham, Broomfield or Chelmsford you will be affected.

Can you imagine the effects this will have?

  • Traffic Flows - up
  • Heavy lorries - up
  • Noise pollution – up
  • Light pollution – up
  • Chelmer Valley - destroyed
  • Property values – down
  • Environment – ruined
  • Quality of Life - down

    …. For generations to come.

    To view the proposed details: Go to and then use their 'Search this site' facility. Enter "Chelmsford North East Study" and select match 'exact phrase'.

    In addition to this there are proposed road closures at:

Back Lane
Wheelers Hill East
Chatham Green

This means:

Villages on the A130 - Barnston and Ford End - will suffer huge damage caused by heavy traffic flows through the village as rat-runs from Chelmsford to Stansted and the M11. It's bad now. It will get worse.

Increased traffic coming through Lt. Waltham village centre and onto Broomfield Rd.

Little Waltham hemmed in by busy roads on all sides.

Worse still – because of the study into a new Lower Thames Crossing, this new dual carriageway will become part of a grand new Outer M25-style road with potential for widening to three lanes.

Traffic flows today average about 200,000 every day over the Dartford Crossing.
Expect a lot of that to be using the new A130 within ten years.

And that is why we are adamantly opposed to Routes A, B & C and support Route D as by far the most viable, least harmful option.

Published by:
Little Waltham Outer M25 Action Group.
Chelmers, Little Waltham, CM3 3LX


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