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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Two major things are happening from the CBC re LDF.

Firstly A new Core Strategy consultation is running but ends August 7th 2007.

Core Strategy Alternative Development Sites Consultation

As part of the public consultation on the Submission Core Strategy and Development Control Policies DPD (Core Strategy for short) last November/December, 71 alternative development sites and boundary changes were put forward.

The Borough Council has published the 'Submission Core Strategy and Development Control Policies DPD - Alternative Development Sites and Boundary Changes Document' for consultation from 26th June until 4.45pm on 7th August 2007.

Alternate Site 34 is Boreham Airfield.

We have to respond and endorse support for Site 34 - Boreham Airfield.

Guidance Notes are here to assist in completing the on-line Consultation:

You can respond on-line by going to the Council's Web site using this link:

Secondly, the North Chelmsford Area Action Plan has been published for consultation.

If approved as we are expecting on July 11th at Dev Policy Committee, it will be consulted on for 8 weeks commencing July 23rd.

The detail is here:


Of which see crucially:

7. North Chelmsford Area Action Plan - Issues and Options Consultation (Reg 25)

In essence the Consultation confirms:

A) No options for Greater Beaulieu Park – it’s take it or leave it for “4,500 to 5,000” homes.
B) There is a preserved line for a Cross Valley link road to Broomfield.
C) There are three options in Broomfield for up to 800 homes.

Chelmsford NAG asks:

Why does the Core Strategy and hence the North Area Action Plan totally ignore the evaluation of their own Consultants, Entec and the Council's own Focus Group principle on previously used land in relation to Boreham Airfield?

We want to ask why North Chelmsford is being denied a proper options consultation on the location of 5,000 new homes – and that is a huge development of about 10% of all homes in Chelmsford today.

Why is the Chelmer Cross-Valley link road still being retained and protected for possible future use as a highway?


Blogger Stephen Robinson said...

re "Why does the Core Strategy ... totally ignore the .... previously used land in relation to Boreham Airfield?"

This is the key question. You might think that it was simply political - because the council was run by a different party when the gravel workings / airfield site was proposed.

10:23 AM  

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